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The Learning Well Early Education Center

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The Learning Well is a special place to be for children and teachers alike.  The atmosphere is inviting and has a personal touch like no other (in our opinion)!   Call or email to schedule a tour and you be the judge.


 Open Year Roun

We close for only eight holidays during the year

6:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m

 Peanut Free Environment


Infant   *   Toddlers  *    Preschool * Pre-Kindergarten  


Our programs are a step above the rest.  The curriculum is designed to suit the individual needs of each child and challenge them accordingly.  Our small class sizes are also a bonus!


The Learning Well provides a warm and caring environment for infant and toddlers to start their journey of exploration and self-discovery.


As your children grow and learn they will enter our Preschool classes which are a mix of social and educational learning that will prepare them for Kindergarten and provide a foundation for future learning.