There is no doubt that toddlers are a bundle of energy and at The Learning Well we welcome that excitement because we know it’s a natural part of growth and learning. We know that toddlers are naturally curious and motivated to learn.

The Learning Well toddler program is designed to be a safe, nurturing experience for your little one(s), and also extremely convenient and reassuring to parents. We mix care with fun, and give your child the specific attention he or she needs. We’re open from 6:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m., and provide a morning and afternoon snack (parents provide lunch) making us convenient for every situation.

As with all of our programs, we emphasize development and learning. For toddlers, this means learning through songs, games, and pictures. We place an emphasis on helping them remember sounds and patterns, developing hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving (via blocks, dolls, interactive puzzles, etc.) when they are ready. For older toddlers, letters and numbers enter the picture.

The children experience literacy through sign language, books, puppet play, music, singing, games, and conversation with peers and adults. Their cognitive skills blossom with a multitude of activities designed to unleash their already curious and creative nature. Their gross motor skills soar as they climb, walk, and run their way through the special play structures in their corner of the world.

Group Time – During this time, reading stories stimulates the imagination. Children are introduced to letters and numbers through repetitive songs and finger-plays. Music and dance both play an important role in group time.

Fine and Gross Motor – We introduce large crayons and markers, puzzles, blocks, pegs and manipulative. These activities help to increase eye-hand coordination, as well as dexterity.  Outside play is the greatest activity for large muscles. Riding toys, sliding, and climbing on low equipment are encouraged activities. Inside we use crawl-through cloth tunnels, small slides, and exercise and dancing to music.

Creativity Time – This is a time when we really like to focus on process versus product. During this time we encourage the children to explore various art mediums. Play dough, finger paints, collages, large crayons and markers are some of the materials used for manipulation. Creativity time offers many sensory learning experiences.

Music and Dance – Songs, rhymes and finger plays help children learn about rhythm, and counting time, and promote self-expression. It’s also great fun to dance!  You’ll learn lots of new songs during your toddlers’ time in this room. 

Free Play – This time allows children opportunity to make choices, share time with friends, interact socially, imitate through dramatic play, enhance their imagination, and learn self-control.

As teachers, our main focus at this age and stage is to enhance each child’s self-confidence to encourage independence and social interaction. In a supportive and nurturing setting, our goal is for your child to feel confident and willing to make his/her own choices and to discover that unique little self within!