Welcome to the Infant Room!

Caring for Infants 4 weeks – 12/15 months

We understand a parent’s concern to leave their child for the first time and strive to make it the most positive experience from the start. 

Infants need special attention and care, and The Learning Well is here for parents who need us.  Our warm, soothing infant room is a secure, happy home away from home for infants ages four weeks to 12-15 months. We’re open from 6:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m., so we can accommodate the infant care needs for almost any schedule.

For infants, we tailor our programs toward auditory and visual recognition, songs, sounds, smiles and giggles. We also assist in teaching basic motor skills, such as crawling, and even first steps.  When motor skills are developed, toys enter the mix, as do basic drawing implements like crayons and paper. We’ll ensure your child has the start in life that he or she deserves.

We know leaving your infant away from home is a big step. All of us at The Learning Well will make that step as easy as possible. We invite you to read why we’re different, and if you wish to schedule a visit, simply call or send us an e-mail.

Infant Room Activities:

We provide an environment with quality educational materials and learning experiences that encourage your baby’s natural curiosity. Our staff implement learning activities based on your child’s developmental stage and interests.

Language Development: We have a wonderful supply of board books and vinyl books that our staff show and read to the children. Daily exposure to reading aloud stimulates babies’ natural ability to acquire language skills and is an essential part of our program.

Storytelling: Builds upon our goals for language development by exposing children to storybooks, puppets, finger-plays and soft stuffed animals that can be manipulated to create engaging tales.

Music and Movement: We have a variety of musical instruments, toys that make noise when manipulated, and toys that sing! Exposure to music stimulates babies desire to learn, creates feelings of excitement and enjoyment, and encourages babies’ desire to interact with others to follow, sing along and move along with music.  We sing all day!

Gross Motor Play: We have a supply of activity walkers, climbing mats, and push & pull play toys that we use to encourage development of gross motor skills including reaching, object transfer, head raising and sitting upright.

Fine Motor and Self-Help Skills: Using objects such as stacking blocks and reaction toys assists with the development of two skill sets. These include fine motor skills, such as grasping, raking with fingers to pick up objects, holding and manipulating objects; and self-help skills, including grasping and holding a bottle while feeding and pulling up to standing position.

Our staff members respect each baby’s individuality and developmental agenda, as well as each parent’s cultural background and unique parenting style. Just as we strive to teach the infants, we also learn that infants have much to teach us too!